Sunday, 3 June 2012

Piranha 3DD (2012)

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile will probably have noticed that I love lots of silly horror comedies.  I love all horror, but a fun, silly horror tends to be the type I watch most often.  I have a tendency to say things like, ''leave your mind at the door'' or ''sit back and take it for what it is.''  This, my dear readers, will be one of those reviews.

The sequel is set a year after the events from the first movie, where the prehistoric piranha at their way through the Spring Break party in Lake Victoria.  Now they've made their way to the Big Wet water park and they're feeling a little peckish for frisky teenagers and anyone else that they can sink their teeth into.  And there's lots of boobs, blood and just a little severed genitalia to boot.

I laughed out loud so much during this.  I mean, ''Josh cut his penis off because something came out of my vagina'' is a line you can take to the bank.  How it all came about is a magical moment in cinema history that I will not spoil for you, but trust me, it steals the show.  Piranha 3DD is full of cheesy dialogue, gore and nudity.  It's a comedy with lots of violence and nudity, so please leave your head at the door.  This is B movie awesomeness and made for a night with buddies, some beer and some pizza.  Just don't get the anchovies if you're easily out off your food.

John Gulager has made another fun, gore-filled comedy.  Anyone who enjoys his Feast series will get a kick out of this.  It's mindless and entertaining, so if you have a wicked twisted sense of humor and find flesh eating fish to be a laughing matter then this is for you.  It's definitely for me.


  1. Oh it is wonderful to see someone "get" this movie! I loved the 2010 Piranha, and was very thrilled when it turned out this sequel was being shot right here in my hometown (in fact, my blog broke the first pictures from the set!) I have been aching to see it - and have been devastated that the studio only opened it on 75 screens here in the US, and they also made it available as Video on Demand the same day - which really torks off the theater chains. So I guess I won't get to see it in 3-D. And it was shot native 3-D! You could even see the 3-D live on the monitors on set!

    In any case - found your blog thanks to Maynard and the Horror Blog of the Month post - cheers!

  2. So glad you ''get'' it too man. I don't understand the hate for it. It's a boobs horror comedy made for the sole purpose of having fun.