Friday, 8 June 2012

Nightmare Beach (1989)

AKA - Welcome To Spring Break

It's Spring Break and there's a motorcycle riding killer on the loose picking off a naughty biker gang.  The kills are pretty fun, the soundtrack is incredible, it's incredibly cheesy, the haircuts are out of this world and it stars Michael Parks in a bit part role (it's like he's just been bit part in everything for most of his career and he's one of the most gifted character actors on the planet).

What sets this apart from other slashers is the death by electricity concept.  I thought that was cool and a couple of the deaths are very awesome indeed, although many other slashers have much cooler deaths.  This did contain  a spark plug to the mouth and a pretty nasty burning however.  Other than that it's just your typical slasher, with some above average acting.  There's boobs, a rockin' soundtrack, laughs and enough fun to be had all round.  I recommend this with pizza and beer.  It's easy going and one slasher fans should enjoy.

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