Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Desperation (2006)

I'm only just baby steps into my Stephen King quest, in which I plan to watch everything put to screen that he's ever written, and already I'm questioning this decision.  So far I've enjoyed everything but if there's going to be a lot like Desperation then I'm in for the horror equivalent of a Machine Head concert - enjoyable for so long but then I just want to go home and watch something else.

Desperation stars Ron Perlman as Collie Etragian, a sheriff who picks up travelers on hsi highway and takes them to jail in the isolated town of the title of the movie tells us.  He's a bad cop and there's something not quite right about him and evil is afoot.

This wasn't a bad movie by any means.  In fact, it started off with a lot of promise and was captivating for awhile.  The scenery was beautiful and worth watching alone, but it did enough to engage me for an hour.  However, just when I was expecting the payoff I started feeling letdown.  This was just a case of a film that shows potential and then falls a little flat.  It began to feel like it was dragging on and became somewhat of a chore to watch.  I had high hopes but came away feeling unfulfilled (now I know how every girl I've ever had relations with must feel... sorry ladies).  I'd say recommend this if it was on TV, or maybe even give it a rental or pick it up cheap.  There's enough here to enjoy, but there's even more to leave you feeling underwhelmed.


  1. Desperation is IMO one of the weakest and most disappointing King novels (same for the "mirror" novel The Regulators), that's why I never wanted to check it out - and probably never will LOL

  2. It's not a bad film at all but it isn't great either. It's the first disappointment in my King challenge so far.