Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Violent Kind (2010)

As some of you may remember, in 2006 a little indie movie known as The Hamiltons garnered itself a little bit of buzz on the festival circuit but seemed to split the opinion of horror fans.  The Hamitons was an interesting movie, as it told a coming of age story about a young family fending for themselves with no parents around.  This wasn't your typical family though.  This family certainly had its dark secrets.  In my opinion, The Hamiltons was a fresh movie with a nice twist.  However, as the years passed I forgot about the duo who directed this little gem (how could I forget a name like
The Butcher Brothers).  Anyway, I recently picked up a DVD after discovering it was from the same directors and I figured it was worth a chance.  I was also sold by the, 'Sons of Anarchy meets The Exorcist' comparison.  Anyway, I finally got around to watching it and....


The movie starts out like an episode of Sons of Anarchy with 2 friends hanging out while their other friend is getting frisky with his lady friend.  A few minutes later they're giving a poor soul a beat down and then they head off to a party.  So far - bikes, booze, violence, sex, drugs and bad asses.  However, when the party ends the night truly begins.  A couple of grisly murders by some mysterious strangers occur, the sky begins to turn weird and one of the murder victims is possessed by something and crawling up the walls.  Then comes the mysterious strangers - a 50's 'Rockabilly' gang, who show up to the party and mess with the survivors.  Now we have a hostage movie on our hands reminiscent of The Strangers.  The new misfits, equipped with dancing skills and an odd sense of humor want whatever is living inside the possessed lady.  And they want it for something BIG!!!


This is one of those movies you really need to see.  It's definitely not for everyone but if you like ambitious movies made on a shoestring budget with lots of unexpected turns then watch it right now.  Go on... watch it right now.  It's surreal, dark, violent, sometimes comical and a breath of fresh air.  The Butcher Brothers idolise film makers such as David Lynch and David Cronenberg, and you can see the influences shine in their efforts so far, but these 2 may just give way to a whole new generation of cool and surreal horror films.  The Violent Kind is a vast improvement on their impressive debut.  It's one of the best films I can recall from the past couple of years.  Watching this, I was utterly impressed and captivated throughout.

Butcher Brothers, I will never forget about you ever again.


  1. I'm not a big Butcher Bros fan, but I admit that this is their best movie so far (April April & Hamiltons just sucked). Interesting but flawed concept, a strong first half and a disappointing second half.

  2. I love the ambition they show in their movies and I actually really liked The Hamiltons. I wasn't aware of April April though.