Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Monster Man (2003)

How the hell did it take me 9 years to become aware of this film?  It's the type of movie I'd have tripped on during my teens and still love to this day.  In addition, it's from the same director of Shoot 'Em Up, a true classic in its own right.  I finally purchased Monster Man after stumbling across it on Amazon and I've never been happier.

Before Monster Man and Shoot 'Em Up, director Michael Davis was making romantic comedies.  Quite the transition, huh?  Or maybe not, at least not with Monster Man.  But before we get into all of that, I'll tell you what the film is about.  Adam and Harley are two buddies on a road trip who pick up the uber perfect woman and hitchhiker Sarah, but they get more than they bargained for when they encounter a monster driving a monster truck.

Like Davis' previous efforts, this is about guys who just want to get laid and meet women, except this has the addition of a monster and a big ass truck.  It was an ambitious step forward for the director and a nice stepping stone from a movie like Girl Fever to his following effort Shoot 'Em Up.  Michael Davis is the type of writer/director who wants to make you laugh and have fun during your movie experience and he certainly delivers with Monster Man.   It's laugh out loud, glorious over-the-top gory fun turned up to 100 mph.

Adam is the nice guy in love with a girl he stands no chance with, and Hurley is the sleazy, slightly chubby sidekick who's moronic yet lovable.  They're on a road trip so Adam can declare his love for the girl he's been whipped over for years before she gets married.  On the trip they pick up Sarah and they become the prey of a deformed creature driving a monster truck.  It's part Road Trip, Bubble Boy, Duel, TCM & Jeepers Creepers.  It works.

Another great thing about Monster Man is the setting.  I'm a sucker for highway movies.  In addition, the chemistry between the leads is great, who actually carpooled in the making of the feature to get to know each other.  As the majority of the film is set in a car, it definitely paid off.  You gorehounds won't be disappointed either and will be pleased to know 21 galleons of blood were used.  This is one of those features where everyone is just excited to be a prt of it due to never been in a feature similar before, so they've just went all out.

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