Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fathers Day (2011)

You know how when people say, ''don't watch this if you're easily offended.''  Well, in regards to Troma movies this applies more than ever.  Even if you aren't easily offended, Troma movies might still offend you, whether it be the content within them or just the cheap, nasty presentation of their movies that some may call an insult to the art of film making.  Or maybe you're like me - SICK.  For those who love Troma, it's because we know not to take their movies seriously and not only accept them for the trashy fun that they are - we adore them for it.  Fathers Day is another twisted, fun addition to the Troma family.

The premise of the movie is a simple hunt 'em down revenge story.  A killer is on the loose and it's up to a wannabe Snake Plissken, a priest and a street hustler to stop the vicious murderer.  What ensures on this epic adventure is some of the most vomit inducing funny experiences put to celluloid.

So, the 'good' points?  Well, I don't condone real life necrophilia, evisceration and cannibalism - but when you get it all within the first minute a movie then you definitely have my interests.  It doesn't matter how horrible it's going to get, you just need to keep watching to see how far it goes.  And, you know... it's fun.  So within the first few seconds you know it's going to be disgusting, but anyone who's watched Troma movies in the past knows to expect OTT, politically incorrect, taboo behaviour.  If you're a viewer stumbling upon some of their catalogue for the first time without knowing what to expect, and you have an uneasy tolerance for the most degrading of subject matter then I don't envy you.  Well, maybe I do a little...  OK, so violence is aplenty, what else is good?  It's very Grindhouse in style, which for me, is one of the coolest forms of film to look at.  Personally, grindhouse looking movies have a much cooler look than the highest budget Hollywood blockbusters.  Fathers Day is as grindhouse as it comes in regards to modern movies.  It looks freakin' sweet.  Another great thing about Troma movies, and this one in particular, is how witty they are.  They don't set out to be taken seriously, but the comedy is genuinely funny.  It's not that 'so bad it's good' type of comedy here either.  Sure, it's goofy, but it takes a genius to write stupid movies without making them seem, well... plain stupid.  Smart stupidity is what I'm getting at.  The FX are also 100% here.  For a movie like this, you want as little CGI as possible.

The bad points?  Well, all the good points I listed are probably things that others will hate about it.  Not many will watch this through my eyes as a well made, low budget, highly ambitious masterpiece.  However, those of you I know read my posts will probably enjoy it.  If you've seen Troma movies before you know what you're getting yourself into.  Fathers Day won't be regarded in the same esteem as cinematic classics such as Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High, but it is just as much fun.  Give it a watch if you're wonderfully warped.