Monday, 2 January 2012

Dance of the Dead (2008)

Jimmy is a down on his luck class clown/pizza boy who's just been dumped by his girlfriend on the day of prom. To make matters worse she decides to go with the Class President/douchebag of the school.  On his way to the prom he gets a phone call from his boss saying he needs to work... like his night couldn't get any worse, right?  We also have a group of nerds who are members of the sci-fi club who couldn't get dates for prom in the first place so they decided to spend their night in the local cemetery. Then there's the rebellious garage punk rock band who refuse to go to prom because they're all anti-establishment, high and have a small case of the writer's block.  Could the night get any worse for anyone?  Well, that's where the zombies come in to put a further dampener on everyone's evening and it's up to Jimmy, the sci-fi club, the punks and a team of unlikely heroes, including a cheerleader and a psychopath who looks about 35 to save the day.

Horror/comedy gets mixed reaction from horror fans.  Movies like Shaun of The Dead have been great examples of how they can be both funny, yet stay true horror at the same time.  Then we have movies like Feast that just want us to have some bloody, gutsy fun.  Personally, I'm a huge fan of horror and comedy together, even if it focuses more on laughs than scares.  So if it's scares you're after then you won't find them in Dance of the Dead, as it's essentially a comedy with zombies thrown in the mix.  It's hilarious, and the dialogue is witty and fun.  The kills are a hoot as well (who knew that wrestling moves was an effective way to kill the undead?).  There's also zombie car theft and other weird and wonderful things going on.  It's understandable why this has become a movie with a strong cult following, and maybe in time it will become the cult classic it deserves to be.  I recommend it if you're a fun of goofball comedy horror like Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.  It's witty, it's funny, it has great kills, it has romance, it has car theft, it has wrestling and lots of other wonderful surprises.  Pick it up asap if you enjoy mindless fun.


  1. I really liked Dance Of The Dead. Have never heard of Todd And The Pure Book Of Evil, must check it out.

  2. It's a Canadian TV show. It's really good. Only managed to catch a few episodes though.