Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dawn of the Mummy

There's not much you can say about Dawn of the Mummy in terms of it being a cinematic masterpiece.  But it is damn good.  I mean, what happens to models when they travel to Egypt, meet up with some crooks raiding an Ancient Egyptian tomb that's been cursed?  They obviously awaken a Mummy and his army of the undead.

Dawn of the Mummy is just a lot of fun, but it has some strengths.  For a start, the cinematography and setting are amazing.  Second, it paces along just nicely with enough sub par acting to keep you entertained and laughing and thirdly, there is some pretty nice gore - especially at the end when the army of the undead are loose on the local town and are feasting upon everyone.

This is definitely one of the 80's forgotten gems, but it's one of many as the 80's was producing great, fun horror on a regular basis.  So grab a few cold ones, order a pizza and sit back and enjoy Dawn of the Mummy.  It's popcorn entertainment at its best.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just pop it on and enjoy the fun and thrills.

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