Monday, 6 August 2012

Scarce (2008)

Scarce is the first movie from Foresight Features, co-written, co-directed and starring John Geddes (Exit Humanity) and Jesse T. Cook (Monster Brawl).  Made on a budget of $500,000, it's a splatty, snow-filled gem with a hunger for human flesh.  We've seen this formula before; 3 college guys get the wrong directions from some unfriendly rednecks and end up crashing in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard.  One of the guys breaks his leg as a result of the crash and his friends go looking for help.  Eventually they find a cabin and a welcoming host, but who'd have known their host is a cannibal and along with some other locals, is looking to stock up on meat for the season!  This isn't new ground; Deliverance, TCM, and Wrong Turn come to mind straight away.  However, this is a well made movie with lots of tension, creepy characters and gore.  It sticks to the formula but the execution is more than satisfying.  Throw in some boobs, a lesbian scene and some filthy, trigger happy, cannibal rednecks and you have all the ingredients for a kick ass little horror movie.  Recommended.