Thursday, 30 August 2012

Grabbers (2012)

Lisa Nolan is a workaholic police officer from the big city who takes a small assignment on a small rural island in Ireland while the chief is on vacation.  Ciaran O'Shea is an alcoholic policeman who starts his days hungover, sometimes in the cells, who works his way towards ending his days intoxicated.  However, when bloodsucking aliens invade the island and start munching on the townsfolk, they are forced to put their differences aside and discover how to beat the creatures.  With the help of the island scientist and the island drunk, they discover that the only way to beat the aliens is to get drunk.  Now all they have to do is convince the islanders to go and get drunk at a free bar the night of a storm.  Surely this isn't a hard task for the Irish stereotype?  Well, it isn't.  What makes this so good though is that it's effectively the Irish taking the mickey out of themselves.  This is hilarious and is a future cult classic in the making.  If you like Tremors, Attack the Block and Shaun of the Dead then you'll love the humor in this gem.  It isn't scary, but it is damn well funny.


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  2. I loved Grabbers, glad you enjoyed it.