Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dear God No (2012)

Any movie that contains one of the major 'B's' is good in my book, but a movie that contains all 4 of the major 'B's' is a sure fire hit.  The 4 major 'B's' are 'BIKERS,' 'BLOOD,' 'BOOBS' and the most important, 'BIGFOOT.'  In addition to that, there's strippers in Nixon masks, rude hand gestures, slaughtered nuns, bars that serve tampons, rape, killing, swearing, political incorrectness, beards, awful dialogue, terrible acting, Nazis, gore, crazy mad Scientists, beer, drug use, explosions, guns, psychedelia and to top it all off - litter.  That's right, the criminals in this movie even drop litter.  This nasty piece of Grindhouse, exploitation trash is not only bad for our sanity, but it's also bad for the environment.  This isn't one for the whole family to watch.  You really shouldn't watch this with anyone who's easily offended or has a weak heart or bladder.  There's no redeeming qualities, it's flat out nasty and the filmmakers are probably spawned from the bowels of Hell.  Enjoying this means you're an evil sicko.  Personally, I loved it.