Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Versus (2000)

Do you like your movies a little on the nuts side?  Does a zombie movie set in a supernatural forest with Yakuza, martial arts, swords and ULTRA-violence interest you?  Then look no further than the cult classic by Ryuhei Kitamura - VERSUS.

Versus is hard to describe because it's so friggin' nuts.  Basically, zombies vs Yakuza, an evil spirit of an old Samurai.  Another review I read described it as Night of the Living Dead, Mortal Kombat & Highlander with elements of early Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi.  I can see all of these influences.  It's a genre bending, pastiche that favors style over character development and deep story.  It's full of good humored violence, funny characters and constant action.  The plot is thin but it's so entertaining it doesn't need one.

Versus is a blast.  I mean, zombies, ancient spirits, Yakuza, shoot outs, sword slicing, martial arts, splat and a kick ass soundtrack, set in a forest... What's not to love?