Monday, 2 July 2012

The Puppet Monster Massacre (2010)

I have Kevin Matthews to thank for this one, as I do many movies I add to my watchlist.  However, as my watchlist is the size of a small continent, it takes me a little while to getting around to watching them.  However, this was just staring in my pile of DVD's tonight begging to be watched, and just like all girls who have agreed to sleep with me, I took pity and caved.  


Now, I knew this would be good, but I thought it would be the kind of good I'd need to wait until I was wasted to enjoy.  Well, I was wrong, because it's genius - it's fresh, warped,  probably offensive to normal human beings and has called Raimi Campbell who sounds like Shelly from South Park.  In the words of the great Charlie Sheen, this is WINNING.

The premise - a group of teenage puppets are invited by a mad Nazi scientist to spend the night in his mansion for a lot of money.  But as you know, it's never that simple with mad Nazi scientist puppets...

I don't know how to describe this really.  Imagine Troma, Meet the Feebles, South Park & Sesame Street mating with each other and this being the lovechild that was produced.  It's hilarious and splatty.  If you're offended easily then don't watch it, but if you are offended easily then a horror film about puppets is maybe something you'd avoid in the first place.  The puppets are adorable, and the characters of Raimi and Gramps are hilarious.  The mad scientist is a typical stereotype and like most Nazi madmen, his sidekick is a penguin.  Are you not in love this yet?  If you're still reading waiting for a selling point then I'm afraid I've failed you.  The director set out to make a goofy, fun puppet movie with blood, sex and jokes and that's exactly what he achieved.  

Here's the review that sold me on the film.  I recommend you read this guys stuff:

Here's an interview with director Dustin Wayde Mills that's a good read.  He's a likable dude and I have no doubt if we met we'd be friends.  He loves fun movies and his favorite is Monster Squad.  I'm sold on him:


  1. Waheyyyyy, I feel well and truly pimped, lol. Thanks very much, and glad you liked it even more than I did. I was in stitches at the little dude who was walking through the woods and talking to himself, being frightened by everything around him. "And I'm walking, and I'm walking, and . . . . . whatthefuckwasthat?" HAHAHA

  2. It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Gramps is my new hero