Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Haunting of Whaley House (2012)

If your inner child no longer lives inside you then I suggest you stop reading.  If you're 10 years old then read on because you're going to grow up with this and you're going to see boobs.  If you like fun, cheese and terrible acting then step into the Whaley House.

TAG LINE: ''Just because you don't believe in ghosts, doesn't mean they don't believe in you.''

This is the latest feature from the infamous Asylum, the company for responsible for countless garbage mockumentaries, a few classic mockumentaries, unique creature features and a few legit good movies.  As good as good movies are though, we do love a bad movie around here.  The Haunting of Whaley House isn't the worst movie in terms of acting and script, but it's pretty damn enjoyable, filled with heart, has some excellent cheap effects and fun, albeit, cartoon-ish gore.

So the script is so bad it's hilarious and the performances won't be getting Brando comparisons any time soon, but the film creates a great little atmosphere reminiscent of old school haunted house stories, Scary Movie 2 (but cheaper and much funnier) and Goiosebumps - but with blood and tits thrown into the mix.  The ghosts look quite cool, the gore is fun and the score is fantastic.

A fun movie that would make popcorn Halloween viewing.  Everyone involved looked like they were having a blast, it doesn't try to be a serious film and the comedy, although goofy and immature, is actually pretty funny.  I got a kick out of this.


  1. Haunted house? The Asylum? Boobs??? I must see this film.

  2. It's a masterpiece compared to their other stuff lol

  3. Ha, I should love it then. Where are you at in the ongoing Stephen King quest?

  4. After Desperation I gave up on King for awhile. I'm going to restart it tonight with Cat's Eyes

  5. Cat's Eye still holds up well IMO. I've yet to see Desperation, I thought the book was okay but much preferred The Regulators.

  6. Desperation starts off ok but it falls flat. It's not terrible, just really boring.