Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Funhouse Closes It's Doors.

Hello readers,

It is with a not so heavy heart that I announce that The Funhouse is closing it's doors for good.  For 3 years now this has been my little haven of horror; a place for me to come and share my rambling about the strange and wonderful movies I've loved and loathed.  In that time I've met some great people, been interviewed over at the Mecca or horror blogs, Maynard's Horror Movie Diary and been a part of some fantastic discussions with fellow movie fans.  This blog has introduced me to some amazing people while allowing me to share my passion for macabre films.  However, after a year hiatus, I returned to pick up where I left off and it just hasn't been the same.  By no means has my passion for blogging stopped, actually it's quite the contrary.  I still plan on posting crap, nonsensical drivel about weird movies, but my new objective is to do it better and more consistently.  So, a fresh start is required...

From the ashes of The Funhouse comes Attack of the Couch Potato.  My new blog will feature much of the same as this one, but I want to improve, expand and reorganize.  I plan on taking it to the social networking spheres too.  I'll mostly be reviewing movies, but the ambition is bigger than that.  The expansion will include interviews with some film makers, bloggers and any other person willing to spare time to speak to me, as well as some rants and posts that are a little more themed and fun.  My pal over at For It Is Man's Number has inspired me to do ridiculous things like watch every Kurt Russell movie on the planet (a feat only accomplished by him), so expect similar movie missions.  In addition, I want to branch out and cover a wider array of movies.  They'll all fall under the umbrella of cool genre cinema still, but I want to cover a wider variety of my tastes.

Anyway, thanks to all who read this and stuck by my blog.  It's been a blast.  I'll hopefully see you on the other side.

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