Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Silent Night (2011)

Wow.  This was a blast.  It really was a,lot of fun for a horror fan such as myself in it's brief 3 minutes.  There's not much to say other than watch it.  It only takes 3 minutes of your time and after it's finished it leaves you wanting more.  The atmosphere is amazing, the score is amazing, the make up kicks ass and it really takes the jolliness out of Christmas - unless you get you jollies out of death, which being a horror fan, I do obviously.

I don't know much about the director David Felber, but thanks to Twitter (where I discovered this) then I intend to find out more.  This is yet another great short that deserves some recognition, and I recommend you check it out asap.  Also, check out the other shorts on my blog and show some support to up and coming horror filmmakers.

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