Thursday, 2 February 2012

Humanoids From The Deep (1980)

Creature features are an essential part of horror history.  Throughout the years, creature features have offered us a wide array of 'creatures' that have entertained us for decades, from Gojira to the Creature From the Black Lagoon, some creatures have become landmarks in the history of cinema, and have influenced other creature features throughout the years, whether it is cheap knock offs or new creations.  The 80's was a great era for cheese, and especially in the creature feature sub genre.  In 1980, Humanoids From The Deep, got the decade off to a fun start, and here's why...

This movie is about a group of fish-like, frog-like, creatures causing havoc in a small fishing town.  Not only do they have a thirst for violence, but they're quite horny.  So, to quench their thirst they go on a spree of gory murder, rape and resulting impregnation of scantily clad teenage girls in their 30's.

Sounds tasteless, right?  Well, it isn't exactly tasteful.  If you're going to watch a movie called Humanoids From The Deep then don't go into it expecting standards, morals and a taste.  It's a fun-filled violent thrill ride.  It has a great atmosphere throughout, awesome men-in-rubber-suit monsters, great FX and plenty of boobs and blood to keep everyone happy.  This is an 80's horror gem at it's best.  Just one of many.  Pick it up and have fun.

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