Monday, 20 February 2012

The Darkness (Video Game, 2007)

OK, so not a movie like I usually do but it still is horror.  The reason I've decided to review a game is because I'm currently on a video game and pro wrestling binge.  I've been more in the mood for these over movies recently, but it's just one of my phases and I promise to be providing you with awesome horror movie reviews again soon.... So... The Darkness?

This isn't an easy game at all.  I'm not great at video games at all, but the reason I gave up on this 6 months ago was out of frustration.  It'll do that to some people, but trust me, the pros defeat the cons. The story of this game is amazing - a mafioso who inherits demonic powers on his 21st birthday - followed by a trail of murder and bizarre adventure in order to eliminate the number one enemy.  It's awesome.  The heart of this game is a classic Mafia story, but it's also shrouded in horror.  It's also a basic shooter, albeit a lazy shooter (in this case not a criticism) but there's also the supernatural elements to violently kill the bad guys and the police, and innocent civilians if you so wish (I did).

The game looks amazing.  It's always dark and representative of the seedy New York criminal underworld, and the travelling by subway adds to the charm of the game, but also the loneliness of the main character.  A level similar to the movie Midnight Meat Train would have gone down a treat if you ask me.

What can I say?  Great game.  I'm not even the biggest gamer but I strongly recommend this.  It's inspired me to play much more games.  I might add horror games to my reviews.  Why not?  Anyway, pick this game up asap.

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