Thursday, 4 October 2012

The IMDB October Challenge: Day 4

This has been an extremely unproductive day, but an extremely enjoyable one as I've discovered some great horror, and one movie in particular which just happens to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Smiley (2012)

Smiley doesn't exactly break any new ground but it does try to stand out from the pact and offer a fresh concept to the slasher genre.  This could be the Candyman for the Skype generation, so parents, please let your children see this so they become terrified of chat rooms, video calls and all other forms of social networking with strangers on the internet.  For us adults, it's not scary, but it is a fun movie with a lot of ambition and effort oozing from it.  Michael J. Gallagher is definitely a filmmaker to look out for in the future. 6/10

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)

Why isn't there more movies about scarecrows?  Sure, there's a good few of them, but really they should be the new werewolf or vampire.  They should be making romantic movies for tweens with scarecrows instead of vampires and werewolves.  Scarecrows are incredibly cool and super freaky.  Now, I watched this expecting the holy grail of scarecrow movies, but what I got was something completely different.  This was more of a mystery as opposed to the scarecrow hack 'n' slash I was kinda wanting.  However, I still really enjoyed it.  It has a really great atmosphere, a great story and some great performances.  The gore and kills aren't great, but it was 1981 after all.  I also love the fact that the true villains are the humans. 6/10

Slashers (2001)

As you'll soon find out, Maurice Devereaux who wrote and directed this is my new favorite person... but more on that later.  Slashers is a movie I've been meaning to check out for years, but I've just always ended up watching something else instead.  Well, tonight I bit the bullet and the gunpowder tasted great.  This is a fantastic satire on the society in which we live; a society where people are prepared to do almost anything for fame and money while the public watches them humiliate and degrade themselves from the comfort of their living room sofa.  Out of all the movies that have used reality TV as a plot for carnage, this one is the most overlooked.  I really hope they make many sequels to this, but unfortunately the already penned sequel is owned by a now bankrupt company.  Anyway, this is a really fun movie. 7/10

End of the Line (2007)

I just had to save the best one for last.  This movie is the reason why Maurice Devereaux is my new favorite person.  He funded this with his own money and hasn't made anything since because he can't get any studio backing, but this is an independent masterpiece.

Set in a subway, a train full of passengers comes to a halt.  On board, is a group of religious fanatics who await being paged to do ''God's work'' on Judgement day.  Well, they get paged and go on a killing spree believing they are saving the souls of their victims on the night of the Apocalypse.  The pursued victims however, not only have crazed cult fanatics after them, but they fear for their very own sanity.  This is raw, unrestricted, ambitious horror that reminded me of everything I love about the genre in the first place. I really can't praise this enough.  If you like Clive Barker you'll love it.  9/10

Great day overall and I aim to top it as the Challenge progresses.  Please watch End of the Line peeps. I beg you.  It's too good.

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