Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gems Everyone Should Check Out

This isn't a list of unknown horror movies.  In fact, you've probably heard of them, but I feel a lot of them have been overlooked.  Sure, some of them aren't the greatest movies ever, but they are entertaining and worth a watch.

1) Dead Silence
In my opinion, this is one of the greatest movies made in recent times.  It's nice to see a movie with a little imagination and mystery put into it.  I think James Wan is a great director and everything about this movie worked for me.  It had a creepy atmosphere throughout, amazing settings, an interesting idea and a story that keeps you hooked throughout.  Along with his amazing revenge thriller Death Sentence, it's perhaps easy to overlook due to the uh-mazing success of Saw and Insidious.  Check out Dead Silence.

2) Feast
I recommend this trilogy, but the first one is the best.  One of the truly amazing horror comedies.  Monsters, laughs, gore...  It isn't anything else really, but it's tonnes of fun and you'll be in stitches throughout.

3) Dance of the Dead
Another horror comedy with zombies... yeah we've seen it before.  Not all are as good as this one though.  We have teenage romance, zombies and laughs.  It really is hilarious and if you want to see a more in depth review then just scroll down my page until you find it.  Or just take my word that it's friggin' awesome.

4) Dying Breed
Nothing you haven't seen before, but still a good movie.  If you like backwoods cannibal horror then give it a watch, because I don't think this got much promotion at all.  As I said, we've seen it done before but it still is worth seeing.

5) Highway to Hell
This one needs to be seen.  The story is just fantastic - Hellcop (a cop from Hell) kidnaps a girl and takes her to Hell to be the Devil's virgin bride and her idiot boyfriend needs to enter Hell with his dog to save her.  Hell is imagined in a funny and unique way, with lots of funny jokes included you may notice (for instance, the road to Hell being paved with good intentions).  It's a unique movie, lots of fun and a must see if you like movies a little quirky and out there.

6) Lord of Illusions
I'm of the belief that any movie with Clive Barker attached is a must see.  This one is a must see.  Part horror/fantasy and part detective story, this is a horror movie with such imagination and class.  Anyone who dismisses horror as trash needs to see this and be proven a damn idiot, because there's lots of smart horror, and this one is high up on the list.  AMAZING.

7) The Car
I bought this thinking it would be 'so bad it's good.'  Turns out it was actually pretty good.  It's kinda like Christine minus the romance.  Surprisingly addictive throughout and shot in some cracking scenery, it really is an underrated gem.

8) Moontrap
Bruce Campbell has made countless great movies that have went under the radar... probably because they're quite hard to get a hold of.  I personally think this is one of his best movies.  It's a wonderful sci-fi horror b movie that deserves much more attention.

9) Sundown: Vampire in Retreat
An underrated masterpiece that didn't even see the light of day back when it was originally released. It stars David Carradine and Bruce Campbell and is about a small town in the desert inhabited by friendly vampires trying to change the error of their ways.  Bruce plays a descendant of Van Helsing out to kill them anyway.  Don't worry though, we get the bad vampires to who just want to keep feeding on humans.  This has seen a DVD release and is worth picking up, and there's even some good interviews with the cast in the extras.  It's a fun romp.

10) John Carpenter's Vampires
Everyone has heard of this, but too many people dismiss it as a bad film, along with Ghosts of Mars (also a good movie).  Vampires is a tremendous film.  It's horror with Western mytho's set in the modern day, has aspects of a cross country road movie and has James Woods playing a bad ass.  You all see the supremely hot Sheryl Lee naked.  What's not to love?  It's one of the best horrors of the 90's.

I'll leave it at 10 not to bore you.  Feel free to comment with your own selections.  I could go on all day.  If interested, I'll just list a few more:

Jacob's Ladder
Man With the Screaming Brain
The Hidden
The Violent Kind
Trick 'R' Treat (This one is a real treat)

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